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CAT 19 - Weekend - Sat 15th Dec at 5.00 pm.

CAT 19 - Weekday - Mon 17th Dec at 7.00 am.

CAT 19 - Weekday - Mon 20th Dec at 6.00 pm.

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Happy Students

Swati Das

Swati Das

ISB hyderabad

I had a wonderful experience with Genesis. The team in Pune was amazing, co-operative and helpful. They even offered help and assistance to me beyond classroom which were not strictly a part of my package,… more

Ayush - 2014

Ayush Agarwal (2014 Batch)

IIFT Delhi , Great Lakes Chennai , IMT G

There are tutors and then there is a mentor. There are coachings and then there is a place which teaches you for life. Genesis belongs to the latter class. It was already September 2014 when… more

Saurav Sharma1

Saurav Sharma

ISB Hyderabad, Rotman, Michigan

Hi,   I still remember to this day when I landed in Pune and met Manish at his office. I had close to three years of experience and already made three attempts at CAT; I… more