Jul 4, 2015

Para-jumbles or jumbled sentences Decoded

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  Here are a few important tricks: 1) Even the toughest parajumbles have two or three sentences that form a link. Try to spot the link that has to go together and then eliminate the options that do not have that link. This is your first round of elimination.   2) Conjunctions play a very important role in joining two or more sentences. Beware of all the subordinating conjunctions such as after, although, as, as far as, as if, as long as, as soon as, as though, because, before, if, in order that, since, so, so that, than, though, unless, until, when, whenever, where,whereas, wherever, and while.   3) The coordinating conjunctions are also very important. Coordinating conjunctions are : for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so   4) Keep an eye on the… more

Jun 24, 2015

CAT VA section preparation strategy

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Here I am writing down some of the essential things that you must religiously do to improve your verbal section performance in CAT/XAT and OMET (Other Management Entrance Tests)   CAT/XAT 1. In both the above exams, reading comprehension commands about 50% of the paper and, therefore, doing well in RCs guarantees a decent score. So, having the ability to pick the right passages and developing the reasoning skills to arrive at the right answer are paramount. We will talk about reading a wide array of topics to make our final selection of the passages easier and also ensuring a better strike rate. I will attach the widely circulated and freely available- 1000 RC file. You all should solve one RC a day and then thoroughly analyse the passage. Don't just read the passage for… more

Nov 13, 2014

Data Sufficiency

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This article talks about one of the most dreaded areas in CAT, more specifically in GMAT. DS questions consist of two parts: 1. Question 2. Data Introduction: The beauty of data sufficiency lies in the process of getting the answer of the questions without actually solving it. The objective of data sufficiency problems is to check the fundamental clarity of the subject and in this process we have to understand that whether the given data is sufficient to find the answer or not. Format of Data Sufficiency questions: The structure of data sufficiency is very simple and it clearly says that whether the data is sufficient to answer the question or not. The standard format of data sufficiency is. Question -------------------------------------? I- First statement II- Second statement Now we have to verify that the given… more

Dec 24, 2013

WAT – Essay on Socialism and Capitalism

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Topic: The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.     The above quote is credited to Winston Churchill, the man who led Great Britain during the Second World War, and who was admired and praised, especially for his oratory and statesmanship, by all great men of his time. Churchill, a vehement critic of Socialism and Communism all his life, sarcastically points out, in this quote, the fundamental difference between Socialism and Communism.   Socialism, with its inherent belief of equal distribution of wealth, is a theory that developed gradually, as a response to capitalism; and, once upon a time, had many adherents in Europe and Asia. While socialism encourages state ownership of means of production and co-operative management of economy,… more

Nov 21, 2013

Direct and Indirect Speech

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Quoting the exact words of the speaker is called 'The Direct Speech'. Rajeev said, “I am writing a letter now”.   Reporting of what a speaker said without quoting his exact words is called 'Indirect Speech'. Rahul said that he was writing a letter then.   If the reporting verb is in the Present or Future tense (e.g., say, will say) there is no change in the tense of the verb in the indirect speech. Antony says, “I eat a mango”. (Direct Speech) Antony says, that he eats a mango”.(Indirect Speech)   If Reporting Verb is in the Past Tense, The tense of the verbs in the reported speech or Indirect Speech must be generally changed. Important Rules   Rules Direct Speech Indirect Speech Present Tense in the Direct becomes past tense. Ravi said, “I… more